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Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distrib

From: Denver Gingerich
Subject: Re: youtube-dl DMCA takedown on GitHub is risk for all GNU/Linux distributions
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:53:06 +0000
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On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 08:00:33PM +0300, Jean Louis wrote:
> * Ali Reza Hayati <> [2020-10-29 19:33]:
> > First step would be moving from corporate-backed services to services
> > that are run by companies that value human beings/people instead of
> > money. Money is important but the first priority should be people.

Agreed.  Or even better, services run by non-profit charities.

As an example, youtube-dl has received offers from non-profit charities to host 
their repository, issues tracker, etc.  I hope that youtube-dl will take them 
up on their offer.  These non-profit charities can fight DMCA notices (or 
similar notices in other countries) to take down youtube-dl and won't just cave 
to RIAA pressure like big companies such as GitHub/Microsoft will.

> > These service should be libre and also out of the U.S. for now as U.S.
> > laws are currently very stupid and discriminatory.
> Exactly that.
> There is already so much hosting space for free software on its
> mirrors, but if mirror is engaged by the order of US organization, US
> court can give order that US organization shut it down, even if it is
> in other country.

Yes, but the RIAA and others can sue the developers in their home country too.  
One youtube-dl developer was threatened in this way in their home country of 
Germany (and the RIAA specifically mentioned a German case in their takedown 
notice, presumably to threaten the current lead developer of youtube-dl).  So 
we need to take a more holistic approach to solving this.

> Libreplanet shall make the page with list of free software hosting
> providers that are inside of US jurisdiction and those outside of US
> jurisdiction. That is how to counter the DMCA notices and safety of
> software.

That would be nice to have, but is only a first step.  Per above there are a 
lot of other solutions we can and should pursue.


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