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Re: Fine differences

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Fine differences
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2020 10:23:51 -0300
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Em 31/10/2020 04:57, Jean Louis escreveu:
> I have not verified each system distribution and I do not think that
> the approach to simply remove packages that could go to non-free
> repositories is the best approach. I do not say it is not right, I say
> it is not best approach.

Indeed, but in the other exteme (making GNU FSDG-compliant repositories
for these package managers) requires time, extra knowledge on the
intricacies of each package manager and preferably a coordination to
have all free/libre system distributions contribute to it.

> Best approach would be to bundle or prepare package repositories or
> packages of let us say npm in the distribution itself. Better is

Indeed, some Python/Rust/NodeJS packages are already available in most
free/libre system distributions in the form of the distributios' native
packaging system.

> We have to have well defined position on that.

The guideline does already do that, favoring the distribution project's
own freedom to decide which would be the best way to solve such problem.
If the GNU FSDG would be enforcing only one approeach, say, madate
making a free/libre repository specifically for that single-language
packaging system, then some free/libre system distributions wouldn't be
able to focus on their main packages or would have extra cost on
maintaining yet another infrastructure

Since I'm not directly involved in maintaining free/libre system
distributions, nor am I a representative of FSF or GNU, the rest should
be discussed with those. Since the whole message serves them well, you
may simply forward the message to them and they will probably understand
the full context.

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