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Re: [address@hidden: Re: Free Software Logo -> Where does FSF go?]

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: [address@hidden: Re: Free Software Logo -> Where does FSF go?]
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 17:24:07 +0300
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* Adonay Felipe Nogueira via libreplanet-discuss 
<> [2020-11-01 17:13]:
> Em 01/11/2020 09:22, Jean Louis escreveu:
> > If copyright would be abolished completely all software would be free
> > and people would not argue. Everybody would be friendly to each other
> > and sharing useful benefits. 
> This might backfire, as the homo economicus copyright holder can
> probably continue fostering proprietary software by not providing
> complete corresponding source code/files and detailed installation
> instructions (be it through internet, physical media, or written offer),
> thus passing the burden on interested parts of society to reverse
> engineer it in order to understand what it does and to have a chance to
> exercise the other freedoms.

That is what is happening today. My statement is very hypothetical. I
wanted to say: if there would be no copyright laws we would be

Planet with copyright laws is not in agreement with sharing.

Bushmen in South Africa do not have property feelings, they share
everything. Maybe that is nature of human. I do not believe copyrights
are inherent to human, no, they are not.

> I'm OK with the proposal made by FSF/GNU for a more gentle approach to
> this (see [1]), but abolishing copyright and related terms outright with
> no fallback in place to favor free/libre software movement — which also
> includes provisions for other things not related to software, as
> Stallman said — would be dangerous.

That change is drastic for today's society, we are early still. Maybe
in few hundreds years, or maybe not, anything is possible.

The concept of copyright developed after the printing press came into
use in Europe[16] in the 15th and 16th centuries.[17] From:

So it is about 5 centuries, maybe in 5 centuries we will have no more
copyrights and people will be sharing just as they were sharing time
before the copyright was imposed.

I can clearly see how society became better with free software in last
20 years. It can be so much better yet.

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