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From: Óscar
Subject: chromebooks
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 12:00:28 +0100

Hi. Here a newbie!

This is a inquiry about Chromebooks to the community.

Recently, the public school that my 9-year-old daughter attends has
imposed on us the acquisition of a certain Chromebook.

I have not found any articles or conversations about it, but I am
first concerned about the landing of the Google empire in public
schools with the support of public institutions. In this case, it is
an uncritical acceptance of the entire Google system, including the
teachers. They celebrate all the comforts the integrated package
offers. The use of free software does not even cross their minds.

Second, I am concerned about the tracking and acquisition of data and
metadata about the content that my daughter accesses throughout her
educational stage. Information that, I suppose, will be recorded on
some distant server and from which their knowledge, character,
mistakes, tastes and preferences, etc. can be inferred, thus creating
a very personal, precise and intimate profile from such an early age.

Maybe in the future the guys at Google will "not be evil.". But what
if they will be?

My questions to the community are: what do you think about it? Do you
think there is a compromised exposure of minors in their educational
stage? What sinister scenarios can you think of based on this data
collection? Do you know any specific case of abuse of privacy in
similar contexts?

I appreciate any constructive comments.

Thank you very much,

óscar pérez

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