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Help share FSF's 2020 Ethical Tech Giving Guide

From: Zoe Kooyman
Subject: Help share FSF's 2020 Ethical Tech Giving Guide
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2020 19:21:23 -0500
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Hi Everyone,

With gifting season upon us, today, we released the annual FSF giving

We want to help people think about their own and their loves ones'
freedoms and this guide is a collection of putting that into practice.
It is filled with gifts and ideas that are perfect for spreading
awareness AND gifting freedom.

Please help us by sharing it with your friends and loved ones, use it as
a guide, or just a way to start a conversation :-)

Thank you all!

Read more:

Zoƫ Kooyman // Program Manager
Free Software Foundation

Join the FSF and help us defend software freedom:

Now through January 15, 2021, US federal government employees can
support the FSF by donating through the Combined Federal Campaign
workplace giving program. Go to
<>,"Find A CFC Approved
Charity", and search for the FSF's charity ID 63210.

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