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Re: A challenge for community to go beyond what's already rule

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: A challenge for community to go beyond what's already rule
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 20:46:26 +0300
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* Fosshost <> [2020-11-20 20:25]:
> Thought it may be helpful at this stage for me to give my 2 cents. I
> run a project called and our service has been designed
> with those in mind from underrepresented groups across society. This
> means where individuals do not have the funds or means to be able to
> purchase hardware, we can provide it to them virtually, at no
> cost. Clearly this still requires some kind of device to “connect”
> and “manage” the service we provision, but I believe it is less of
> an ask. One use case could simply be that they have a very old
> device with a poor and outdated spec but it’s still strong enough to
> connect to a remote system. Won’t apply in every case but it’s one
> of the things we are doing here at and we are growing!

Hello Thomas,

That is great idea and initiative. I have visited the site only that I
did not find the projects that are specifically hosted there. Are
those listed projects all hosted there? For example for Guix I was
thinking it is on GNU servers.

One thing I am not sure what you mean with open source, do you mean
free software? Is there a policy of hosting actually free software

Is there any policy that will say that free software that is not
exclusively made to control non-free software should not be hosted
there? For example in Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre we avoid such software
that may be free itself but may pull or demand non-free software.

For example Debian non-free repository is open source but is non-free
software, it should be clear from the name of repository.

I am researching and I wish to know which hosting provider to
recommend to other people when switching from Github for example.

Vague terminology for me is:


Other free software hosting providers I have in the list are

GNU Project

Savannah, the software forge for people committed to free software

Savannah on
https// (Germany)

Trisquel GNU/Linux-libre Git Repositories



If somebody has more hyperlinks please tell me that I may update my


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