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Re: [OT] : Liberapay

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: [OT] : Liberapay
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2020 12:46:14 +0000

On 05/12/2020 05:11, Aaron Wolf wrote:
Liberapay is a relative stand-out in terms of working to overall be
positive. I don't think they are having any sort of remarkable effect
because they just support plain old traditional donations (i.e. it's
just a tool for membership donations not unlike direct membership to FSF
etc). I wouldn't expect a lot of income just by getting listed there,
but it's okay enough.

I'm the co-founder of a still-not-fully-launched platform to better
organize larger crowds to support free/libre/open software and other
public goods. And we have made a pretty thorough summary of the tools
out there that are already available (in fact, Liberapay links to our
summary in their own FAQ).

So, to compare:

I'm not certain that Liberapay meets the FSF level of stringent ideals
(even for working on alpha stuff, we had to compromise by
serving Stripe's proprietary JavaScript on a single page). But as far as
general safety, Liberapay is a legitimate platform run responsibly.

So, it's safe enough, just know that most of the success in fundraising
will be due to your own efforts to promote the project and ask for
donations. Signing up on a platform won't get that much attention in itself.

Hi Aaron

Thanks for this, I am more confident at looking further in to this now.


Paul Sutton

On 2020-12-03 12:48 p.m., Paul Sutton via libreplanet-discuss wrote:

Sorry if this is off topic, I decided to ask about this here as the gnu
community list seems quite and I wasn't really sure where else to ask.

I am producing video / screenshots for Libreoffice to help the docs team
(these resources may also help other projects too),  I am looking at
setting up Liberapay to help facilitate for the resources I am producing.

Just wondered if anyone here has experience with this? If it is a good
idea and safe to use this.

By asking here, I am just exercising due diligence (if that is the right
term) before taking the plunge in to this.

However it could be something the Liberapay team could perhaps be
invited to talk about at LibrePlanet.  Raise their profile but would
also be something that can directly benefit developers.


Paul Sutton

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