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Re: Planned Obsolescence

From: johnny saylor
Subject: Re: Planned Obsolescence
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2020 14:14:28 -0500
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on an original pixel (sailfish) but now running stock android 10 (yeech!). i was running lineage 17.1 (?) but at some point the phone began behaving badly. once a call came in, screen went blank and did not resond to touches (could not answer phone nor navigate voice mail tree[s]).

as i (obliquely) mention, the roll back did nothing to fix this problem. but now that it's google all the way down (stock android), i am less likely to pick up my phone for amusement (a good thing).

if anyone knows anything about fixing this (screen completely off during phone call), i'd be most grateful. otherwise, i'll prolly just buy a new (to me) phone (most likely samsung something or other) for the $200. price point i like.

happy christmas (war is over if you want it)

On 12/14/20 1:34 PM, Aaron Wolf wrote:
I'm still on a Pixel (original) running LineageOS, so I still get
security updates. I'm quite sure the Pixel 2 is supported by LineageOS

Side-note: I used to be hesitant to admit to even having a cell phone.
Very ironically, I got my first cell phone ever in 2014 as part of
attending LibrePlanet for the first time and having more and more
hassles with trying to connect to accommodations and such via finding
wifi spot to use my laptop (and payphones were mostly all gone). I've
never had a phone with Google Apps though.

But yeah, the whole idea that it's a weird community hack to keep
devices updates is a travesty (as is the other compromised aspects of
these devices).

On 2020-12-11 9:16 a.m., Eric Schultz wrote:
    Android phone makers in particular are known for refusing to update
    their phones for more than a minimal amount of time. I literally just
    had to buy a new phone because my Pixel 2, which was working fine, is
    no longer receiving security updates. Allegedly one of the main reasons
    phone makers don't update phones is that the processor, chipset and
    modem makers don't provide long term support for their firmware blobs
    and a mix of free and proprietary build tools.

    On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 7:14 PM Jason Self <[1]> wrote:

      We're looking for articles describing specific instances of planned
      obsolescence in computing which relate somehow to nonfree software.
      If you know of an example which is not listed in
      [2] please mail
      URL to [3] so we can list it there.
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