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Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair (alternative storylines)

From: Gregory Chamberlain
Subject: Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair (alternative storylines)
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 21:48:17 +0000

I like your hospital plot.  It's non-violent and would work well for an
animated short, I think.

The hospital computer upgrade story is a public spending nightmare and
perfectly illustrates the need for free software.

At the risk of dragging this conversation further off-topic, thank you
for bringing up some of the problems with the medical and pharmaceutical

Although most free software advocates are not particularly interested in
diet and nutrition, we can at least agree that there is another kind of
injustice going on here.  These industries are woefully maligned with
public health and suspiciously ignorant of the role that nutrition can
play in preventing and even reversing chronic disease.

I recommend anyone who isn't a fan of heart disease, cancer, etc. to
visit for more information -- they are a
nonprofit and science-based.[^1]

However, educating people on the implications of software licensing is
tricky enough as it is.  Personally, I found the present video a bit
hard to follow -- and I already know about free software!

By cramming in these additional issues with hospitals, we risk confusing
viewers and making the message unclear.  I don't think there's an easy
way to marry the two ideas, much though I'd like to be proven otherwise.



[^1]: Sadly it uses non-free JavaScript from various domains, but the
site is mostly usable without it.  Using NoScript I whitelist only the domain itself which is necessary for the search
feature (alternatively use "" with your favourite
search engine).  And to avoid YouTube you can stream or download the
videos using youtube-dl ( .

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