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Re: Jitsi mailing list help

From: Marc Sunet
Subject: Re: Jitsi mailing list help
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 17:11:39 -0800
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The first part seems to be an error on their side. Got a timeout error from Cloudflare over here.

To raise questions / feature requests, you can try their Github. They have been responsive in the past for me.

On 1/28/21 7:36 AM, quiliro wrote:
Paul Sutton via libreplanet-discuss
<> writes:


Does anyone know if the jitsi mailing list page works properly ?

A sends me here

However trying to click the link, to the users' mailing list seems to
not do anything for a while.  then comes up with

  Error 522 Ray ID: 618a73064af60081 • 2021-01-28 11:42:49 UTC
Connection timed out

Error seems to be at the host end.
After some waiting, I get a different error than you from my Emacs eww
non-javascript browser.  Maybe if you test if activating JS will make it
work, we would know that it is a policy problem on their part.
Otherwise it would probable be a server problem.

I would like to just get in touch with them to suggest

1. Support for peertube videos (and support for other services)
1a.  If people are blocking non-free java script it causes issues with
video playback.
And probably use of the microphone.

2. Some sort of Mic / Speaker test facility like there is with Big
Blue Button (zoom etc) I have issues with sound sometimes, but I have
no way of testing before entering the room.
I tested when I used JS-enabled browsers by using the sound recorder: I
also checked if the browser had not muted the microphone. (On the tab
there is a microphone icon which is crossed when muted.)

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