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Re: suggestions for leading a free software organization

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: suggestions for leading a free software organization
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 22:02:17 +0330

Congratulations Quiliro,
I wish you success.

My only suggestion would be don't sacrifice the principals of software libre movement to get to a point. We are all here not because we're programmers or GNU+Linux users or are able to use terminal, but because we believe in those principals and the four freedoms.

Don't violate the freedoms or do something against the movement even if it's for a greater good. I believe if we break our principals, we will do it again and again until we see ourselves some place where we don't have those anymore.

I think the main difference between the software libre movement and the open source guys is that we held on our values and we stick to them no matter what, and that's what makes us unique and amazing.

Best of luck to you and all of our fellow activists.

On 19/02/2021 05:46, quiliro wrote:
Dear Libre Planet:

I have just been elected president of the Free Software Asociation of

I would like to receive suggestions for making a successful advocacy for
freedom during the following 2 years which I will be in office and for
making a sustainable path for the following boards.  My work is not
payed.  But the organization can receive money through donation or
sales.  Money is not the only resource it could have.  I just mention
it, in case it is required for the suggestions.

Any tip is valuable to me. Thank you very much for your time and wisdom.

Quiliro Ordónez
President - ASLE
Board member - FSF LA

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