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Re: Support RMS

From: Deb Nicholson
Subject: Re: Support RMS
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2021 15:28:40 -0400

   I can't comment on the censored email that no one saw.

     > It actually serves the opponents of free software quite well to
     > someone who pushes people away and facilitates a hostile
     > environment, be in charge of the FSF.
     Quite opposite is true, RMS was never facilitating hostile
     environment. FSF is not public, but privately founded non-profit,
     founded by RMS, it is equal as his own, and legally he could, if he
     would want, keep it totally under his control, but he did not, it is
     gift to mankind.

   The FSF is a public charity. It is bound by it's US tax status to serve
   the public good, not a personal goal although of course there is
   sometimes overlap.
   As for a hostile environment, I have witnessed repeated hostility
   (bullying, ad hominem attacks, dog-piling, etc.) on the GNU mailing
   lists. I have seen RMS shout at people at least a dozen times in
   public. He inspires others to also interrupt and shout at people in the
   middle of their public presentations. Those are hostile acts. You may
   say they are justified, but they are undeniably hostile.
   That you come here with this perversion of truth without any facts or

     evidences is disgrace.

   I'm not "coming here." I've always been here. I'm a former FSF staff
   person who built LibrePlanet into a multi-day event and helped set up
   the LibrePlanet wiki and this list. You calling me a liar is a perfect
   example of the hostility that I'm telling you pervades the FSF and GNU

     > Also, RMS is not the free software movement.
     RMS is the core and heart of the free software movement.
     > It's dangerous to conflate an individual with a movement. To say
     > that the "free software movement is being attacked" when what's
     > actually happening is that a bunch of individuals are calling for
     > one person to take responsibility for their behavior is a sloppy
     > generalization.
     This is just trolling. But censor will like your trolling, as that
     why your message pass through.

   More ad hominem. Ok.

     > It's disappointing that so many people have chosen to disbelieve
     > former FSF employees, hundreds of women who have encountered RMS
     > conferences or MIT and many, many free software creators. The vast
     > majority of the people who signed the letter asking for RMS to
     > down, care deeply about free software. I wish more of you would
     > to consider that.
     I am also researcher Deb, and I say, if he did something illegal,
     those people handle that with him. I have not found anything related
     to RMS that justifies that type of cyber-bullying online harassment
     public shaming.
     Buf if he did not do anything illegal, and somebody complains on his
     behavior, don't mix that with his capability to lead FSF or speak
     free software, it is not related.

   If free software is a public good and the goal is for more people to
   use free software, then having a leader who drives people away is at
   odds with that goal. It's not illegal to poorly mismanage a public
   charity, but it does break the trust that donors and volunteers have
   places in the organization and they have a right to speak up about it.

     Take action in Free Software Foundation campaigns:
     Sign an open letter in support of Richard M. Stallman



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