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Re: Support RMS

From: Ali Reza Hayati
Subject: Re: Support RMS
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2021 21:16:29 +0430
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One of the arguments I see in the community is that RMS has drove away some potentially active/working people from the community.

I find that very true. In fact, that is true about many leaders. RMS was (or still is?) the leader of the free software community for a long time.

However, I find it very interesting that people focus on few people who were annoyed by RMS but don't mention thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of people who became a member of this community because of RMS.

I'm not trying to justify the behavior of RMS at all. I find it rude and upsetting to shout at people or interrupt them but why we only focus on that? Why don't we mention the majority of time when he's calm and very interesting for people?

I'm sure you're not saying we should replace him with someone who never shouts or interrupts people. Is there even such person?

Please people, stop campaigning emotionally and replace that with reason and logic. RMS is currently our best option. He's experienced, knowledgeable, hard-working, and serious.

I'm sure many people are very mad with RMS. For example Jim Zemlin, the Linux chairman who uses MacOS and not GNU+Linux, would definitely campaign against RMS and thousands of people will follow him. Let's be the thinker, not the follower, in this matter.

Ali Reza Hayati (
Libre culture activist and privacy advocate
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