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Re: The anti-GNU defamatory group of Ludovic Courtès - Re: assessment of

From: Dora Scilipoti
Subject: Re: The anti-GNU defamatory group of Ludovic Courtès - Re: assessment of the GNU Assembly project
Date: Sat, 1 May 2021 05:09:20 -0400
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On 04/30/2021 02:28 PM, Corwin Brust wrote:

> [...] when a woman wrote us to express
> personally and specifically her concerns around RMS we ran her off, and
> ran her down.  

If you are talking about the woman who wrote to this list back in Oct
2019, I was one  of the people who responded to her, and I was polite
and respectful. I remember another response which was a mindful analysis
of her points, in an equally respectful manner. The only really harsh
response she got was from someone who has displayed a communication
style that I would call "unkind," to put it mildly, a person who has
since been heavily moderated and probably banned from the list (I'm not
sure of this.)

Since Sep 2019 to this day, RMS has received hundreds --hundreds-- of
private messages of support, including from women. Most of them prefer
not to go public, people feel they are walking on egg shells, they fear
for their jobs and rejection from their peers and communities. Such is
the level of fright that this self-righteousness cult has created. It's
unsustainable and it has to stop. It _will_ stop, in the same way that
stoning people for their thoughts did stop at some point in history
--but not before it caused utter damage to the advancement towards a
better society. Nowadays, stones have been replaced with tweets, but
they hurt and kill just as much.

That said, whoever has a true intention to be honest and fair should
have a look at people who are courageous enough to publicly show the
other side of the coin:

Also relevant:


Dora Scilipoti
GNU Education Team

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