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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 01:32:24 +0300
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* Miroslav Rovis <> [2021-05-06 00:27]:
> > As I work with Website Revision System in background, I have today
> That's:
> and at:
> but I'm still not so sure what you mean in your case.

You got it. Website Revision System is described here:

`content' is too general term.

| The term “content management” takes the prize for vacuity. “Content”
| means “some sort of information,” and “management” in this context
| means “doing something with it.” So a “content management system” is a
| system for doing something to some sort of information. Nearly all
| programs fit that description.
| In most cases, that term really refers to a system for updating pages
| on a web site. For that, we recommend the term “web site revision
| system” (WRS).

I guess only the first definition from Wordnet could somehow apply:

1. (12) content -- (everything that is included in a collection and
that is held or included in something;

Also good article:

"We live in "We live in an age of ever-increasing bullshit".

When I invoke a text editor, and write letter "A" I am already
managing content, but it has really no relation to a website by its
meaning. If I would use Cherrytree - hierarchical note taking
application with rich text and syntax highlighting, I would be
managing maybe a tree of information, it would be content, but is not
directly related to WWW publishing. Saving picture on computer is
activity of managing content, unrelated to WWW publishing.

- WWW Publishing System is better described;
- Website Publishing System is better described;
- Website Revision System is better described;

It is good to think of words and its meaning and its origin, as then
we can see who introdued some meanings, and why did they introduce it,
the word `content' is good example of corporate propaganda.

Convenient Emacs Lisp functions for Asciidoctor

> Can you give a link to some of your published pages, if
> you find time?

I am developing this system:

RCD Notes for Emacs

RCD Notes - Database Tables

The system is type of dynamic knowledge repository as defined by Doug

Draft OHS-Project Plan

About Dynamic Knowledge Repositories (DKR)

I like to be able to put any kind of type into database, and have a
mixture of it, but available kind of together. Indexing things into a
database yields with good educational and research efficiency, it
helps to teach other people. Just as explained on Doug Engelbart's
website, the forefather of Internet, inventor of mouse, outline modes,

> > Recommended reading:
> > 
> > How to Run a More Secure Browser
> >
> > 
> > When I wish to invoke URL by using the above mentioned DragonFlyBSD
> [...]
> Currently use Vim. But a very good link there you gave. Will
> take time to figure out how to deploy that wisdom for me.

You use Vim for browsing? I guess that works. I use often Emacs' eww
for browsing as well. But also Lynx and Elinks. Wisdom is employed by
using that `sudo su' command, or by switching manually to different
user space and invoking browser. Then a script can replace browser and
always invoke browser from different user's space.

Here is one function in Vim that I use to construct these letters:

function Croatian()
imap cc č
imap CC Č
imap Cc Č
imap Ch Ć
imap CH Ć
imap ch ć
imap ss š
imap SS Š
imap Ss Š
imap dd đ
imap DD Đ
imap Dd Đ
imap zz ž
imap ZZ Ž
imap Zz Ž

:call Croatian())

then if I don't have Croatian keyboard, I just write zz to get
ž. There is similar mode in Emacs `croatian-cc'

I am not sure quite, but this would be the script like `safe-browser':

xhost + 
sudo su -c -- ANOTHER-USER -c iceweasel '$@'

I have just tried that script, it works, it will open browser in
different user space. Problem is with `xhost', it should not be used
in unsafe network, but behind firewall is safe:

$ safe-browser


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