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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Thu, 6 May 2021 21:32:18 +0300
User-agent: Mutt/2.0.6 (2021-03-06)

* Miroslav Rovis <> [2021-05-06 19:38]:
> > Also good article:
> >
> I disagree on Trump with that article, and so I didn't read
> much. But this is not the place to go on about politics.

Not the Trump related, but "content" related reference is inside.

> > You use Vim for browsing?
> No, I don't. I'm at intermediate level in programming.

Yes, which languages?

> I use Mutt for mail, and look up HTML mail with its default
> "links2 -g" which is safe enough.

I have got it, downloaded and compiled. Czech production, work of one
or few people, I admire that. I am using elinks in console, links-2.22
seem similar to elinks, also Czech work.

Twibright Labs: Links - Download

Nice browser. I may also recommend you to try Dillo, also good and
fast simple browser, fastest. I use it often to read local

> And I browse with Pale Moon, because it has TLS-decryption available
> for setting up (which Iceweasel and Debian packaged Firefox do not
> offer) and I trust Pale Moon way more than Firefox nightly (which
> also understands the SSLKEYLOGFILE env var) which I have to use for
> websites that do not support Pale Moon.

Problem with Pale Moon is that binary is proprietary freeware, thus
not free software by definition. Only if branding is removed it could
be free software, but I doubt it, as I looked into that license. They
are complicating things just as Mozilla: -- I don't want to analyse it as
it looks anti-free software, for example they forbid charging,
etc. Nonsense, I will not look into it.

So such browser would probably not qualify to be included in the free
GNU operating systems.

> But I can tell you Firefox is horrendous by the shear number of
> connections it makes and which the user didn't ask for. It's
> connections to all kinds of places that Firefox makes just
> when you start it...

Yes, that is so. I wish we would have nice and quick browser, but we
don't have.

> That's tracking... And it's hard to analyze because of the
> shear diversity and number of those connections...

On the other hand Firefox does have now good privacy features. But for
GNU as free operating system the core browser does not qualify
to be included..

> Pale Moon is a real friend in comparison, it does not
> connect to big surveilling tech... Easy to analyze, but not
> on complex sites like Facebook (hate it, but sometimes go
> because of friends)... No browser would be easy to analyze
> for such sites.

Good privacy browser is GNU IceCat

> Does Emacs offer setting up TLS-decryption (repeating the link I
> gave before:
> )?

If Gnutls library can do that, then maybe, who knows. You could ask on
GNU Emacs Help mailing list:

> Can anybody say if it is at least present in somebody's mind
> that it would be good to do that?
> I'm not going to be browsing anywhere with something that
> leaves junk to see in network traces instead of decrypted
> traffic.

Those are just SSL connections over HTTP protocol, almost each browser
can tell what is being connected to. What you download is what you are
getting, test and media.


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