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Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Blind user complaining on Adobe web site
Date: Sat, 8 May 2021 00:16:06 +0300
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* Arthur Torrey <> [2021-05-07 23:42]:
> As a sighted user I don't really feel competent to make a list - as
> doing so would be similar to the issues I have with all the various
> engineering / design student projects that attempt to create a
> 'better' wheelchair without ever really understanding the day to day
> needs of actually having to live in a chair...  This usually results
> in a chair that "solves" whatever they see as a 'problem' but is all
> but unusable for doing anything else....


That means that there is no particular issue to verify or focus. There
are many references to accessibility and I know that Hyperbola
GNU/Linux-libre speaks in console from the start, if user wish to have
it so. Many Gnome and other X applications have accessibility
features, I know that since long time. 

But I am not impaired, you are not impaired, you don't know what would
be wrong, I don't know what would be wrong.

> That said, what *I* would think important is a screen reader that
> could read any text being displayed on the screen as a minimum...  

OK but did you verify if such already exists?

I know that it exists, and I have been hearing them. I have already
mentioned something I have experienced. 

Here is a collection of hyperlinks, straight from my Hyperscope
dynamic knowledge repository regarding screen readers and
accessibility on GNU/Linux.

Debian Accessibility Console screen readers packages

YASR home page

BigBlueButton - Free Software Directory

Attic/LSR - GNOME Wiki!

Development/Tutorials/Accessibility/Screen Reader Setup - KDE TechBase

Accessibility - KDE UserBase Wiki

Orca Screen Reader

Text to Speech on GNU/Linux Part 3: Orca on KDE

Screen Readers | American Foundation for the Blind

fenrir-screenreader ยท PyPI

Announcing Tdsr: A Command Line Screen Reader For Macintosh And GNU/Linux | 

As if there is no particular problem that you have, then there are
particular solutions that exists. So your problem should be in
contradiction to some of the already present solutions.

On this Parabola GNU/Linux-libre system there are two applications,
one is Orca, already mentioned above, and Speakup:

The Speakup Project

> A very useful addition would be some sort of navigation assistant
> that could find the menu items on the page and just read those.  

We can research of those applications already do something like that.

> A 'nice to have' but probably not realistically possible would be
> some sort of AI that could recognize enough graphics to read things
> like 'photos of text' and (much harder) do descriptive audio
> captioning on pictures

I find that quite possible, as there exists such AI. I know there is
face recognition as free software:

I could think of reading programmatically whole screen, finding
boundaries and recognizing parts of the screen.

Please explore the above software and see if it can help.


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