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Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue

From: Miroslav Rovis
Subject: Re: non-requested confusing auto download issue
Date: Sat, 8 May 2021 23:16:58 +0200

On 210508-17:43+0300, Jean Louis wrote:
> * Miroslav Rovis <> [2021-05-08 01:42]:
> > I also like the JQuery's original non-evil-use clause. None
> > of those is really against either _real_ freedom or _good_
> > freedom or freedom for good which I subscribe to. So those
> > should be alowed, in my opinion. Not imposing my opinion
> > though...

> Example of non-free, proprietary software is AVideo or formerly known
> as YouPHPTube:
> Where it says:
> ,----
> | First thing...
> | 
> | I would humbly like to thank God for giving me the necessary
> | knowledge, motivation, resources and idea to be able to execute this
> | project. Without God's permission this would never be possible.
> `----
> I don't mind of people being religious, but I doubt that
> such statements have place in a planetary available,
> accessible and usable software. Mixing religions with
> software distribution is just a bad tast, lack of empathy
> for human on this planet. Like everybody must be
> Christian, Buddhist, etc... 
And much more. But my other work suffers. I've carefully
read all you wrote, but I have no resources of time and mental
effort needed to discuss any more.


Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia
my PGP-key:

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