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Re: Boxer syndrome

From: Jorge P . de Morais Neto
Subject: Re: Boxer syndrome
Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 18:15:07 -0300

Hi Pedro!

Em [2021-05-09 dom 11:24:24-0300], Pedro Lucas Porcellis escreveu:

> I honestly don't know if your criticizing for or against the Free
> Software Community, because it seems to me, that (essentially on this
> mailing list) people are mostly against the changing world we're
> living in, *outside of software* as if people only live within the
> bounds of a computer and it's all it matters, i.e. "if I defend free
> software any other criticism is completely to disrupt my free software
> activism".

You misrepresent the situation.  I think that, while the FSF is
/institutionally/ neutral to many political causes, /individual/ free
software activists often also support other social reform causes.  I
myself have moved strongly leftwards in the last decade, largely
influenced by free software friends.  Please do not conflate /opposition
to the excesses of cancel culture/ with /opposition to social reform/.

Please bear in mind that 75% of African-Americans (as well as 79% of all
Americans under age 24) agree that “political correctness is a problem
in our country.”  While we (sometimes literally) kill each other because
of political correctness issues such as whether ex-vice President Mike
Pence had the right to avoid eating alone with an opposite-sex person
other than his spouse¹, the 1% laughs all the way to the bank.  For the
record, I strongly oppose Trump/Pence (although I do not vote on the US)
but not for this ridiculous reason.

  "Mike Pence doesn’t dine alone with other women.  And we’re all shocked."

Please see the fairly short /Tolerance and open mindedness/² section of
my essay.  For more on that, some of the references in the /See also/
section are very relevant, especially [3] and [4] (both from progressive


    "The Censorship of ’Cancel Culture’ May Ultimately Be Most Dangerous for 
Social Justice Champions"

    "Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture"

As Noam Chomsky says, liberal "democracy" (capitalism) allows us to
fiercely dispute certain selected issues but severely stymies
discussions that risk undermining the foundations of the class system.

Best regards

- <> "In Support of Richard Stallman"
- I am Brazilian.  I hope my English is correct and I welcome feedback.
- <>
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