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Re: Web Application, how?

From: Paul D. Fernhout
Subject: Re: Web Application, how?
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 22:40:43 -0400
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Personally, I prefer Mithril for Web UI development (used via the
HyperScript API, not via JSX) along with Tachyons or a similar
atomic-CSS library for CSS styling (all MIT licensed).

I don't think you will get one single answer though as there are lots of
freely license options to choose from and various people have different
priorities. For example, one thing I like about Mithril beyond its
simplicity is that is maintained by a small group of developers and not
a big megacorporation like Facebook for React or Google for Angular --
while other people reject it for that same reason.

I made a long essay two years ago with more reasons for my personal
preference -- but admittedly I am stuck with React at work because it is
currently seen as more popular in the developer community:

Here is an example of an AGPL-licensed web application I wrote with
Mithril in my spare time three years ago:

Good luck with whatever you pick.

--Paul Fernhout (
"The biggest challenge of the 21st century is the irony of technologies
of abundance in the hands of those still thinking in terms of scarcity."

On 5/14/21 7:39 PM, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:
> Arguably HTML is more open standard than Proprietary Microsoft APIs.  But 
> then again, we are just dismayed by looking at barrage of Javascript 
> "frameworks" etc, the worst case-in-points of Do-o-Cracy. 

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