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Re: Avoiding paying Windows license in the US

From: nupilios
Subject: Re: Avoiding paying Windows license in the US
Date: Sun, 30 May 2021 07:07:49 +0200

   in Europe you deinstall Windows and ASK for a refund. One Person even
   die take it to a court and won.

   Am 30. Mai 2021, 06:06 +0200 schrieb Aaron Wolf <>:

     If you already have it, the license was already paid by HP.
     If your point is simply to not *accept* the license on loading up
     computer, that's easy. You can get a GNU/Linux install live USB and
     off of that directly and erase Windows so it will never even run the
     first time.
     Someone else may know more than me on this, but I do vaguely recall
     there's possibly some way to demand a refund from Microsoft when you
     prove that you never used or accepted the Windows license. I'd
     that right away. But if it may not be possible or practical.
     On 2021-05-29 8:46 p.m., Julian Daich wrote:

     I got a new HP laptop and still did notl open it- Any idea how to
     avoid paying the Windows license before installing GNU/ Linux?
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