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Re: Web Application, how?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Web Application, how?
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2021 00:05:02 +0300
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* <> [2021-06-04 22:54]:
> Jean Louis <> writes:
> > * Yasuaki Kudo <> [2021-05-22 06:03]:
> >> And I think it's also about taking back control.  Today, for the
> >> majority, accessing the web means using Google Chrome and myriad of
> >> unknown Javascript that makes even software license practically
> >> irrelevant, accountability is none and blank check is given to the
> >> web sites/applications.
> >> 
> >> For many applications, It might be the time consider adopting CUI 😄
> >
> > You can use Emacs. I use Emacs to manage what you are talking. It
> > works CUI, GUI, it can invoke external GUI, it can even serve HTTP,
> > and connect to databases.
> It would be interesting for me to know what a workflow would be for
> sight-impaired users using Emacs for exchange of information, remote
> backup, publishing of audio and text, deferred communications and
> real-time communications.

IMHO, user interface should be simpler, something like a modal mode
like `viper-mode' or similar to is more productive for sight-impaired
users than Emacs key bindings. But I cannot know as I don't have

Program Hyperscope that I work on is not truly a modal mode, but it is
in `tabulated-list-mode' similar like M-x list-buffers where user can
press just n to go to next line, or p to go to previous line.

In my program I support both Emacs key bindings and Vi key bindings:

hjkl - thus are keys to move back, down, up, left

It is pretty easy to bind functions like movement of a cursor to play
of a sound. For now I am using to generate voices,
but I could use Festival or espeak. Festival is pretty good for voice

Each command could get its string on what has to be spoken, and upon
the invoked key the speech can be heard.

Remote backup - user has to define what is to be backed up, I see no
problem for sight impaired users; but to make it easier it would be
better to get questions and answers form where user chooses
directories, encryption and remote server settings.

Publishing of audio and text -- just as usual. Integration is what
makes a difference regardless if user is sight impaired or not. It is
better workflow to press a key or choose menu item and start recording
a message. After recording user may be asked what to do with it. Maybe
to send it to somebody? Choose name and message is sent. No invoking
of the email client, without searching for file, without attaching
file, just integrated and automatic.

Deferred communication -- I like to hear your idea how is that

I have in my Dynamic Knowledge Repository "Date" column, which decides
of the date when a document is published. Publish document, decide
upon the date, computer will send communication when time arrives.

Real time communication in Emacs is with IRC, Jabber XMPP chat, there
is real time collaborative editing crdt.el package.

And, there is Emacspeak

Emacspeak --The Complete Audio Desktop


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