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Re: Libreboot 20210522 released

From: Ian Kelling
Subject: Re: Libreboot 20210522 released
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2021 00:17:02 -0400
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Leah Rowe via libreplanet-discuss <> writes:

> Hi everyone!
> Libreboot is free (as in freedom) boot firmware, which initializes the 
> hardware (e.g. memory controller, CPU, peripherals) in your computer so 
> that software can run. Libreboot then starts a bootloader to load your 
> operating system. It replaces the proprietary BIOS/UEFI firmware 
> typically found on a computer. Libreboot is compatible with specifical 
> computer models that use the Intel/AMD x86 architecture. Libreboot works 
> well with GNU+Linux and BSD operating systems.
> You can find the new release announcement here:
> Happy hacking!
> ~Leah

Congratulations and thank you! FSF uses primarily libreboot for our
bios. I'm deploying a new kbpe-d16 system soon and I look forward to
using the new libreboot.

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