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Re: Latex freedom issues

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Latex freedom issues
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 15:14:58 -0500

Jean Louis <> writes:

> * Caleb Herbert <> [2021-06-25 23:28]:
>> On Thu, 2021-06-24 at 20:10 -0500, wrote:
>> > I was notified by the Hyperbola GNU developers that Latex will be
>> > removed.  There is a freedom bug report on:
>> >
>> Somewhere, RMS said "And TeX was free - just barely."  IIRC, the issue
>> is that you have to change the name of the software to redistribute it,
>> or something.
>> Honestly, I will not trust any alleged freedom concerns coming from
>> Parabola and Hyperbola folks.  Their policies are extremely strict,
>> more strict than most FSDG distros.  Just look at the your-privacy
>> package!  They're getting into users' business way too much.
>> > Would this issue affect other FSF approved distros?
>> Probably.  I left the FSF-approved ghettos once Python packages were
>> not repackaged under a free repository, but simply REMOVED.  Honestly,
>> I'm getting tired of all this.  
> I understand, it is your choice. Fully free FSF endorsed distributions
> are taking care not to drive users to non-free software. Python
> repository has unclear licensing issues and thus is not
> recommended. Nothing forbid you to install software yourself.
> Jean

I like your standing.  If I would take a stance based on functionality,
I would happily mix: Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and GNU products,
regardless of their licenses.  I would not like to take a stance based
on functionality, but on freedom.  For me, functionality is needed, but
not at the cost of freedom.  Maybe others want to place a mortage on
their future; not me.  Of course there is no total freedom.  I do not
place the limit for my personal objectives based on investing my assets
on functionality, but on long-term freedom.

I do not care about a particular document or presentation.  What I
really want to do is make sure that I use only free software.  Will
avoiding Latex completely be my only option?  If that is the situation,
how can I make different types of documents like letters and papers with
tables based on text in Emacs' org-mode?

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