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Re: move from freenode

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: move from freenode
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 00:43:36 -0500

Zoe Kooyman <> writes:

> Hi Everyone,

Hi Zoe.  It is nice to see you.  :-)

I will express some opinions.  Kindly forgive my informal direct speech.
But please consider that I say it with deep love and dearness to you and
everyone else in this list.

> We understand the topic of Freenode came up in this list, but Freenode
> as a topic is already no longer about free software, discussing
> censorship is pushing it even further.  Please make sure to stay on
> topic and be mindful of peopleĊ expectations for this list.

Freedom is interconnected.  All rights substantiate the other rights and
support them.  Without free speech, free software is worthless, in some
cases.  Free software is also a form of free speech.

> Please make sure you are writing information that is useful to others on
> this list, on topic, and respectful.

This issue is definitely on-topic because it has affected a lot of free
software projects.  There is no agreement about which is the solution.
But its influence is enourmous.  Ignoring it is like covering the sun
with a finger.

> If you're unsure, please refer to:

This thread has kept throughout it these suggestions:

  * 1.1 Be respectful. 
 * 1.2 Be mindful. 
 * 1.3 Work together. 
 * 1.4 Advocate Freedom. 

I do not like to call them rules or codes.  It sounds like impositions.
Suggesting people to use those ways sounds more respectful.

Controlling what people discuss will not get them to lower their
emotional load.  It would do the contrary.  It will bottle-up and come
up worse later.  Expressing feelings and emotions as well as reasoning
will help understand what is going on others people's lives.  That gives
tools for those that want to make better relations, as long as there is
emotional support available.

Most of the time, people who do not express their true emotions are
trying to manipulate us.  The best, of course, is to be nice and
sincere.  But that is not always possible to achieve.  So, it is better
someone who is rude, rather than someone who nicely takes advantage of
others.  Good maners do not replace good hearts.

Please take into consideration these opinions of mine for the benefit of
all the people involved.  Nevertheless, I will calmly understand if you
disagree and decide otherwise.

Thank you very much for your work.

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