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Re: move from freenode

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: move from freenode
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 11:08:01 +0300
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* <> [2021-06-29 09:05]:
> Jean Louis <> writes:
> > * <> [2021-06-28 22:06]:
> >> Have fun with the censorship.
> >
> > I have not experience censorship. Do you have first and direct
> > knowledge of it?
> Yes. SteppenWolfVM, operator of channel ##vegan , kicked me for not
> agreeing that freedom of speech is important.  Then he banned me because
> he could not find any other user to back him.  I do not want to mention
> free software channels where this has happened to me with the previous
> operators to avoid involving them unnecessarily.
>        <quiliro> I was kicked for would be better to kick the
>                military than me for what each of us did
> [09:41]*** You have been kicked off channel ##vegan by SteppenwolfVM
>          (~miau@freenode/user/SteppenwolfVM): FREEDOM OF SPEECH, MAN, I TYPE
>          THIS KICK

Kicking out of channel is not suppression of free speech. It is also
not censorship. It is authority of channel operator to kick user out
of the channel. It is private channel. Finished there. 

I know it feels hard for you, but you have to take it from ground
up. What is it where you participate? Aha, it is private company
holding private servers.

Who is paying for it? Do you know the payer? If you don't know the
payer, please find out. 

Are you paying for it? 

Then you should know that people who pay for something are usually
owners of whatever they pay. They are in charge. Facility is theirs.

Government is paying for roads but not for your garden and your
swimming pool. You know what is for government and what is
private. IRC is private. Swimming pool is private. You don't want bad
behaving people on swimming pool. And you may get capricious and kick
somebody out.

Kicking people on IRC channel can be a joke, can be an event of
capricious person. 

An event caused by single channel operator should not be considered a
policy of the IRC server. Most probably it is not related to each
other. You can't complain to management.

Then a channel operator could even be hired by IRC server and still
doing some mistakes against their own policies. Complain to management
in this case.

> I was writting about a bomb test dropped by the military in the ocean
> that killed thousands of fish.  He said it was their freedom to do it in
> line with my defense of freedom of speech.

It can be. It is not censorship. Censorship is usually by
government. It should be obvious that person is not government

Channel operator is not necessarily moderator. 

Take all factors in consideration.

Do you know the channel? Just because of the name it does not mean it
is right community for you personally. Just because of network like
Freenode it also does not mean it is right community.

What I would consider to be a "good channel":

- Channel has a website

- Website explains who are operators and what is the background of the

- What kind of people are invited; what kind of topics are discussed;

- What kind of policies are there in place or none;

> Of course, this is not a policy of Freenode.  But it is a policy of
> Freenode to tolerate this type of censorship by channel operators
> against users.  Wether censors call themselves moderators, censors or
> otherwise does not hide the suppression of speech.

IRC is like that. Why should a server owner police what channel owner
is doing? Imagine a hosting provider to read all the websites and take
care of other people's relations? Come on. While it is possible, it is
not feasible. 

What you speak censorship is maybe just personal capricious digital
abuse. Far from any censorship. I understand the emotion, but you have
to understand IRC in the first place. People are anonymous. You are
dealing with their hidden character traits. What is hidden is coming
up in open when they are anonymous, as that is where they feel no
fear. It is psychological. 

You are dealing with people's daemons.

Look, I see that very simple. You enter channel, you don't know the
rules, neither you know or have relation to some operators so you are
guest. You better learn the people and find out what it is really
about before anything.

Finally, why all the effort? Just make your own channel, become
operator and invite people you know to your own channel.


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