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Re: Is GitHub Copilot violates free software licenses?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Is GitHub Copilot violates free software licenses?
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 10:09:01 +0300
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* Kesara Rathnayake <> [2021-07-01 06:09]:
>    Hi all,
>    GitHub recently released a service called Github Copilot
>    ([1] that suggests code lines and functions
>    to programmers.
>    This has been trained on publicly available code.
>    I think any code that copilot generates  could be violating many free
>    software licenses, as it derived code from free software projects.
>    There are discussions about this in
>    twitter: [2]
>    hackernews: [3]

Today's problem in general is that quite number of people don't read
licenses and license requirements and conduct themselves as licenses
would not even exist by saying "software is free". They place software
on Github and other places without respecting licenses and even try
mixing one software with 3 incompatible licenses and additional
incompatible restrictions. Like the AVideo platform.

The Github Co-Pilot suggests free software lines straight in user's

Number one danger of Copilot is the total lack of privacy provided by
PRISM member company Microsoft:


It is questionable if the privacy intruding co-pilot artificial
intelligence will be testing if programmer is writing proprietary or
free software. This could mean so many more license violations.

The place with largest license violations is anyway in general the

Now, there is one comment that user placed on Hacker News:

"Also, their own claim is not that the results aren't a derivative
work but that training an AI is fair use, which is an exception to the
exclusive rights under copyright, including the exclusive right to
create derivative works. " and the case is unclear to me. Recognizing
computer as the author would be so wrong and of course inhumane.

But that may be the card that Microsoft wish to play to escape

My advise for licensing compliance is to read the license, make sure
to understand all requirements and clarify any doubts with attorneys.


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