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Re: COVID-19 testing

From: jahoti
Subject: Re: COVID-19 testing
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 00:56:00 +0000

On 8/19/21 12:56 PM, wrote:
Dear jahoti,

Here are what I have tried so far.
Rite Aid runs proprietary software and requires a Google account.
I called and confirmed that this is the only way.


I asked some locals who pay attention to software freedom and learned
that some at-home tests do not require a smartphone, such as BinaxNOW.
Unfortunately, I need the test for a special doctor's appointment, and
my doctor's office won't accept at-home tests.

I am so incredibly sorry you've had to go through all that- as well as what you describe below it- and still gotten nowhere. Unfortunately, I think rather laws passing requiring certain software/devices and putting us in a "new fascism arena" of some sort, what you've experienced above is going to be the major issue: technologies hit critical mass, start to be used for services, and alternatives get reduced and become afterthoughts in new schemes, pushing more and more people to give in and making life ever harder for those who don't. Meanwhile, little is said in opposition as there isn't any direct curtailing of people's rights, only "rational economies" or "response to consumer demand".


As for actual advice, the only thing I can give is in response to this:

A related issue is that of text messaging. The proprietor of local
pharmacy said that it is fine if I have someone else register for me
but that the result will still be sent by text message.

CityMD said they didn't require a smartphone, but they said that you
need to receive text messages when there is a long wait, because this is
how they manage the waitlist. They don't accept appointments.

With the prevelant use of text message, I am concerned that perhaps
there could be a new difficulty that I had not foreseen. For example,
will the text message contain a link that needs to be opened with
a proprietary software (for example, JavaScript)? I had a similar issue
with the urgent care where I had my other COVID-19 test. I did not need
to get this test, but I got it at the insistance of associates whom
who wanted to be especially cautious. In this case it was fine that
I got the result only by telephone, but I am concerned at why I did
not get it by email, since the office told me that I would get the
result by email. I am concerned, thus, that a clinic may be able to test
me but still have trouble delivering proof of the negative result.

Definitely ask if any text would require opening a link- I know somebody who took a test in the past few months and received their (negative) result as a text message, albeit not in your vicinity.

Also, as stupid a question as it is, have you seen ? If not, they might be useful, and if so then I concur with others that a good strategy might be asking what to do if you don't have a mobile phone (or pretending you don't).

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