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Re: COVID-19 testing (address@hidden)

From: Arthur Torrey
Subject: Re: COVID-19 testing (address@hidden)
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 13:22:16 -0400 (EDT)

The thing I've found necessary in such situations is to keep bouncing the ball 
back into their court...  
"You need to use tech"
-I don't have tech
"We can't do it w/o the tech"
-That's not my problem, find a solution...
"We don't have a solution"
- Are you refusing to provide care?  Are you engaging in discrimination? Can I 
speak to your manager?
Ask them who their accrediting body is, and how to file a complaint...  
Most hospitals are REQUIRED to have a 'patient ombudsman' who's job is to 
advocate for patients having problems - drop it in their lap...
Basically you need to be enough of a pain in the posterior that they will find 
a solution just to make you shut up and go away...

Arthur Torrey - <>

> On 08/20/2021 12:49 PM wrote:
> Dear Arthur,
> Arthur Torrey writes:
> > One of the options is to LIE and tell them you don't have
> > the technology needed to run the proprietary software...
> Arthur Torrey writes:
> > I have lots of times when folks want me to run some sort
> > of software on my phone (I don't even ask if it's proprietary)
> > I just whip out my flip-phone and ask them how....
> I commonly use similar tactics to great success. Unfortunately, they
> work only when my counterparty knows the process to be possible without
> the particular so-called technology (a mobile phone in this case).
> While I have not kept good records on the matter, I think such tactics
> worked better for me before last year; it seems people have this past
> year accepted newfangled computers as required for communications.
> Cordially,
> Fischers Fritz

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