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Re: federated free software movement

From: jahoti
Subject: Re: federated free software movement
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2021 01:45:00 +0000

On 11/16/21 7:45 PM, Dennis Payne wrote:
I don't see how a federated wikipedia would work. Even if you banned
obvious trolls, how would you deal with contentious issues? Federation
isn't some magical technologies that immediately makes everything

For the case of contentious issues, Stallman did make an interesting suggestion in his essay proposing a free encyclopaedia that multiple versions of an article could be offered. I don't know how that would be technically implemented, yet it might be a viable option.

An emphasis on self-hosting is not a good idea in my opinion. It is
great that we are not locked into a commercial provider but most people
don't want to self-host. Self-hosting is work. Some people will
certainly do that but thankfully some of them allow the rest of us to
use their service. While I can run my own mastadon, I don't want to.

(That being said, it should be easy to setup a self-host. I was on a
Hubzilla instance but it broke and the admin could not figure out how
to fix it. For Hubzilla they provide support using Hubzilla. So if you
have a problem on your instance, you need to register on another
instance so you can ask for help.)

Alyssa Rosenzweig wrote an interesting article on this:

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