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Re: LibreJam - FSF* should host a Libre Game development tournament!

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: LibreJam - FSF* should host a Libre Game development tournament!
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 09:33:43 +0000

On 30/12/2021 08:34, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:

I was just casually glancing through my email inbox and this caught my 

Recently, I have become convinced that a viable way to start a new 
collaborative society is through community efforts in having fun, developing 
our own video games together and by extension, creating rich interactive 
educational content!  Not only the content itself, even the process of making 
the game itself can be made into an educational content (like the show 
PowerNation 😆)

  I am discussing with a few people and hopefully we will start to do something 
next year 😄.

In my opinion, Education is the key to everything, and in terms of computer 
programming, it is the way to simplify software with better algorithm, rather 
than mindlessly putting together unaccountable libraries (NPM??)


Hi Yasu

This sounds like a good idea, however at times I feel we end up just reinventing the wheel with things.

There are lots of platforms out there, that teach programming, is one, is another, with the former their tutorials go beyond the courses on offer and cover a whole range of areas, including making games.

I have put info below at [1] on a recent free code camp course.

Perhaps we can make use of these existing assets, while people can follow the courses, surely the language is the same, e.g c/c++ just the tools used can vary, so here we would prefer to use the gnu tools for example.

Many assets are shared via youtube, so we can do the same via peertube, I am on but the other instance I am on for mastodon also hosts a peertube instance, so perhaps make use of what is already there.

Make more use of Mastodon for communication too, this will hopefully have the effect of showing Mastodon is not only active but has engaging and education conversations too.

Given the huge number of choices and options out there, it is really confusing for people as to where to get started with learning . I set up a forum at

to try and address some of this, so if you want to study say web design, then where do you start, html is the same, different courses will teach you pretty much the same content, lets help people take the first steps and support them.

The biggest problem is person power, people having the time to dedicate to creating the content and supporting people with that.

People need to earn money to buy food, pay bills and put a roof over their heads, so if someone is going to take the time / effort to learn something then at the end of that there HAS to be doors opening in to paid work.

Perhaps as part of this, where there are jobs wuth say nextcloud, or other free software projects we, can see what skills are needed and perhaps help taylor education to help fit some of these requirements

Lets explore your ideas further

Hope this helps




Recent offering from free code camp

1. We did it. We built a video game. It took 8 months, but Learn To Code RPG is now live, and you can play it for yourself. In this visual novel video game, you learn to code, make friends, and apply for developer jobs.

It features original anime-inspired art and a jazz soundtrack written and performed by me. There are more than 600 Computer Science concept quiz questions, dozens of Easter eggs to discover, and multiple endings. And it's all open source.

It runs on PC, Mac, and Linux, and we'll soon publish mobile versions of the game, too. You can also watch the 1-hour "let's play" video with Ania Kubow and the game's developer, Lynn Zheng. (fully playable 3 hour game):

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