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Publication of the FSF-funded white papers on questions around Copilot

From: Devin Ulibarri
Subject: Publication of the FSF-funded white papers on questions around Copilot
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2022 07:37:07 -0500

Hi All,

Yesterday, the FSF published the white papers on GitHub's so-called
"Copilot". I encourage you to read the announcement and the papers, if
you are interested.

Also, Craig Topham, the Copyright & Licensing Associate, really wants
the community to discuss the implications that papers such as these lay
bare, and he suggested libreplanet-discuss as one of those places.

I hope we can discuss the papers here in the coming weeks and months,
and come up with an action plan. I read the papers. Before reading the
papers, I did not know what Copilot was -- or even if such a thing
existed -- but, after reading the papers, I am persuaded that projects
such as these pose a real threat to free software, and copyleft in

Also, if you come up with a good alternative name for "Copilot", please
share. Mine would be "Fauxpilot".

Enjoy, and please share the word!


Devin Ulibarri // Outreach & Communications Coordinator
Free Software Foundation

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