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Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?

From: Jim Fulner
Subject: Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2022 18:03:47 -0500

> Your statement I find twisted and not honest. I don't believe you.

I'm sorry to hear that. I suppose it makes sense. I've been a long
time lurker on this list and it has probably been years since I last
actually posted publicly to it, so you have no particular reason to
believe me as we haven't build up any trust.

Luckily for me I am am telling the truth here and your belief of that
is likely of little long term consequence, but if you would like to
get to know me off-list such that you can build up that trust, you
should have all of my relevant contact info in my signature.

One of the reasons I chose to subscribe only to the digest for this
and any other list I'm on, save my union list that I set up a seperate
email address just to get that communication, is to avoid recieving
the immediate feedback like this that could lead to heated unfruitful
"discussion," It appears that the GNU Mailman instance this list is on
has the REPLY-ALL set to reply all, not just to the list as most of
ther others I'm on are set, which is the only reason I have even seen
your mail. I hope I haven't made your trust of me even worse by
partcipating thusly.

Yours in liberation,
Jim Fulner

Promoting Freed Minds, Freed Markets and Free Software
and whenever possible Free Beer
"For as long as one of your brothers is not free, none of you are free"

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