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Re: The growing insistence of Mobile Services Manager (DT Ignite) on And

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: The growing insistence of Mobile Services Manager (DT Ignite) on Android devices
Date: Mon, 2 May 2022 16:32:53 +0100

On 01/05/2022 22:08, Kaio Duarte Costa wrote:
Since a few weeks ago, I've been dealing with the annoyance of the
Mobile Services Manager (the famous DT Ignite, with a "nicer" name),
which practically forces android device users to install proprietary
applications, with abusive advertisements, when it does not install them
without the user's permission (since it has abusive permissions to
install and uninstall applications, as a system application).

What was once a periodic annoyance has now become almost daily, as
Digital Turbine (in partnership with Samsung) is increasing the
insistence on 'marketing' the device's notifications tab with an
annoying advertisement called "find the next ideal app for you".
Furthermore, it is impossible to remove the advertisement from the
notification tab, only by deactivating the app (which evidently does not
seem to be effective).

Those who dare to click, even if accidentally, will encounter a white
full screen, which forces the user to click next, forcibly encouraging
them to install the apps from the screen, or deselect a giant list of
apps not to be installed. Furthermore, these are installed as "silent
notifications", so the user is only aware of their existence when he
sees them on the device.

I believe, that thousands of users are annoyed by this forced
advertising, which violates the users' freedom and reinforces the need
for our fight. Therefore, I would like to assess with you what we can do
about it, from complaints to campaigns, I believe that any manifestation
of society about this abuse to the user, is of great value!

Whole campaigns are good, perhaps we need to also:

* Find out what people use / need their phones for
* Assess if alternative, Android based operating systems for mobiles can help
* Assess if alternative phones are an option for people
* Help people make the transition

There are some good resources to promote f-droid for example.
I made a post on alternative mobile systems back in January, and got some of the info from the fsf website. I have sorted out the different replacements in to Android derived and other

We need to raise awareness, but at the same time help people who are shackled in to the current eco system, I think RMS said he had issues trying to book covid test or vaccination due to the need of non free apps.

Perhaps rather than telling people what the issue is, we can promote the alternatives and why we feel they are better for privacy, user freedoms etc. Make sure the alternatives work for people too.

I still have no idea, given the number of replacement systems, if there is a full set of applications ported, most people don't want the nonsense of

App X is on replacement system x
App y is on replacement system y
app z is on replacement system z

So a user needing to run all 3 of these applications can't as no one replacement (which we claim is better) will run what they want, replacemetn OS may be better for freedom but if that gets in the way of their work, we won't get people to move.

E,g a lot of transit systems have apps for tickets, so unless that app is available they won't move system.

Just a thought


Paul Sutton, Cert Cont Sci (Open)
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