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Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about fre

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?
Date: Tue, 3 May 2022 06:42:43 +0900

   Just like the 'Occupy Wall St.', can we have continuous digital
   assemblies where ideas can be discussed all the time (people have
   different schedules and live in various timezones anyway) for the
   digital transformation we are seeking?

   We can use something like:


   Hot Topics that come to my mind 😄

   - Share information of what Free Software is better already or becoming
   so than Proprietary

   - Remove unaccountable black box services

   - Empower the people, not constrain what they can do (I cannot even
   copy photos from my IPhone to Linux without special procedures  -
   'what, do I need a special proprietary "application" just for that?')

   - Take direct action, collectively design Free Software and Implement!

   - Develop practical strategies for 'crowd development' to take
   advantage of thousands of protocol and software designers and
   programmers working on voluntary and part-time basis.  It can be
   combined with mutual education so people can voluntarily work on
   projects, train and be trained at the same time!


     On May 3, 2022, at 00:53, Paul Sutton via libreplanet-discuss
     <> wrote:

   On 01/05/2022 23:23, Thomas Lord wrote:

     You sparked what I think is a really good idea in my head.

     Of course, I can't judge if it really is a really good idea. :-)

     I think/guess many people discover that twitter is a fun

     and informative way to track some subject of interest.

     Four examples:

       - follow all your favorite Hollywood celebrities

       - follow all your favorite news outlets / journalists

       - subscribe to a list that is cultivated to carry the

         tweets of credible climate scientists and related

         climate advocates and experts

       - subscribe to a list of people actively making and

         posting about making music

     Conversely, celebrities, climate scientists and activists,

     etc. are all seeking to reach large, interested audiences.

     AHA!  That can be assembled out of Mastodon with few or no

     changes -- mostly just by using it wisely.  As someone said,

     the UI might benefit from some loving enhancement and documentation.

   So could we perhaps share our mastodon / fedi id's on this list so we
   can all perhaps start following each other, as much as possible.
   To start the ball rolling on this one.
   I am trying to put together a series of posts on my blog about
   cybersecurity, but starting off with, introducing the BASH shell using
   a series of 8 videos from youtube that I feel are good for beginners.
   I can use these at code club too,  and hopefully help raise awareness
   of free software at the same time.
   With a link to the first video on May 4th
   So trying to find resources and share them,  in a structured way.
   Clearly this can lead to cybersecurity, but this series can also lead
   to a whole range of other areas,   such as developing free software,
   and developing secure applications / services which is still important.
   Something that I may look in to doing, as I want to encourage people to
   learn BASH scripting, python, networking etc, first then look at
   cybersecurity if they still wish to, they may decide to branch out and
   contribute to free software development.
   The way I am doing this, won't be to everyone's taste, BUT I am happy
   to link to alternatives and further resources,  so hopefully we can
   find a way to do complementary each other.



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