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Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about fre

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?
Date: Tue, 3 May 2022 19:15:54 +0900

   Yes,  and I think it is way bigger than just privacy.   My mother told
   I must feel much freer when I learned driving.  The same thing goes to
   the computers and the Internet - while the computers can be programmed
   by anyone and people can upload anything to their heart's content on
   the Internet, the prevailing direction is so much the opposite.

   The reversing of this trend will be thrilling, educational and world
   changing!   Yes, education will be the key - and it's not that I am
   suggesting people go back to university or anything formal (although
   nothing wrong with that)- we can educate each other!

   Combining free software development and mutual education is something
   that we should do.

   To give a specific example, I follow this interactive tutorial with my
   daughter [1]  and
   this has been mutually beneficial.  Courses like these lend themselves
   very well to studying in pairs or groups.

   If free software development can take advantage of something like this
   - implementing well specified software (even better if accompanied by
   proofs?) - maybe we can have a model of development that scales to
   thousands of programmers­čśä


     On May 3, 2022, at 17:02, Paul Sutton via libreplanet-discuss
     <> wrote:

   On 02/05/2022 22:42, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:

        Just like the 'Occupy Wall St.', can we have continuous digital

        assemblies where ideas can be discussed all the time (people have

        different schedules and live in various timezones anyway) for the

        digital transformation we are seeking?

        We can use something like:


        Hot Topics that come to my mind ­čśä

   Isn't the idea of Occupy wall street to be visible to the general
   population?  We can use bbb to plan things and discuss but the more we
   do this as public facing the more effect it may have and also encourage
   others to get involved.
   People join a conversation if it is emotive,  so we can strike a chord
   with people on privacy or what the software is doing in the background
   and hopefully make people stop, think and start to make developers
   But also change our education system so that it is normal to put
   privacy before profits when developing apps / software.
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