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to: A Declaration for the Future of the Internet

From: willi uebelherr
Subject: to: A Declaration for the Future of the Internet
Date: Fri, 6 May 2022 00:08:40 -0400

A Declaration for the Future of the Internet
USA-Gov, 28.04.2022

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet
Milton Mueller, 29.04.2022

Internet Fragmentation: An Overview
W.J.Drake, V.G.Cerf, W.Kleinwächter, 01.2016

Dear friends for a free InterNet.

The USA government, one of the largest global organizations for the organization of unfreedom and slavery, is now publishing a documentary to the "Future of the Internet". There the goat makes itself the gardener.

First of all, let me make it clear: There is no Internet on this planet. The name comes from the definition: The Inter-connection of local Net-works. A telecommunication system without local networks can never create an Internet. We can call it InterStarSystem or something similar.

In 2016 W.J.Drake, V.G.Cerf and W.Kleinwächter wrote a report for the WEF: "Internet Fragmentation: An Overview". Already in the first part there is a clear conceptualization for free telecommunication.

1 The Nature of Internet Fragmentation:

"From a technical standpoint, the original shared vision guiding the Internet's development was that every device on the Internet should be able to exchange data packets with any other device that was willing to receive them."

This leads to the statement that the users of this system define the requirements and the intermediaries of the transport can again only be the users of it. And because the users live in local communities, only they can be the intermediaries. Thus the local networks become the constituting elements of an InterNet.

We also sometimes speak of the "net of nets". In the singular is the net of connections, in the plural are the local networks.

And what demands do the users place on this system:
Free access to free knowledge and free communication.

And how can we realize this:
Only by allowing access regardless of social situation and geographical position. With this it becomes clear that every house on this planet needs a free access to this communication system, if the people who live or work there want this access.

Telecommunication in the form of an InterNet, a transport system for digital data in packet form, has absolutely nothing to do with private business interests, with state control interests or other nebulous postulations. Thus 98% of this statement are completely without substance.

This declaration is primarily about private business interests and state control spheres, which are then supposed to ensure that only a few statements about reality are allowed.

The Internet is a form of telecommunications for democratic self-organization because it strictly applies the basic principle of popular sovereignty. In each region the population is always the political sovereign and this lives distributed in the local living communities, the municipalities. Thus, the municipalities are the bodies of the political sovereign.

This principle finds its application in the local networks, which are the constituent elements of an InterNet and which connect with their neighboring communities. This principle of construction is also found in the roads and streets that connect the communities, small or large.

I am speaking here only about construction principles and not about their technical realization. It is a question for us whether the technical systems used today with their underlying technology are suitable for it.

So acts also this explanation of the government of the USA. They speak only about the telecommunication system and their expectations and not about their realization.

In conclusion, this statement is not worth the printed paper or the number of bits over which it is distributed.

with kind regards, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

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