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Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about fre

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Re: very specific project proposal Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?
Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 07:42:46 +0900

   Oh man, I am so inspired to do this thing that I have been proposing
   for some time, including most recent discussions with friends around

   Together, we can start to compile a Free Software collection for the
   New (Ultimately Non-Exchanged-Based) Economy based on Commons.


   Around 3:20 time mark, Friede, an economist, mentions the Free Software

   In more practical terms, I am trying to create with collaborators a
   Software Distribution (my personal preference would be as a GNU Guix
   channel) for worker cooperatives (companies based on one-worker-one
   vote instead of one-share-one-vote) that will include:

   - Free Software specifically written for the cooperatives. (say, a
   shared application framework) This could be just a pointer, instead of
   outright inclusion of code, as done in Guix/Nix

   - Knowhow documents

   -  'Business directory' for worker cooperatives

   - Integration tests for components that worker cooperatives wish to

   - Regular Office Hours for co-education and knowhow exchange

   Currently, many worker cooperatives in the ICT sector take software
   development contracts that may go like - "Hiring a developer with
   Experience in React and MonoDB"...   This kind of contract is solely
   based on monetary exchange and it does not add much to the Commons
   other than just applying some open source software (almost in forms
   only and not in spirit)

   Instead, what we want to do is to develop a whole array of expertise in
   which the cooperative take the center stage - anyone who likes the
   system in this ecosystem will say, this Free Software system comes from
   that circle of worker cooperatives, let's hire someone from there!

   Another video clip I would like to share, around 17:00 mark

   If you are also inspired, let's work together!


     On May 12, 2022, at 05:05, Thomas Lord <> wrote:

   ´╗┐All the more reason why this is a valuable idea
   for an organization whose primary purpose is spreading
   education and real world use of libre software systems.
   Meanwhile, there is whatever the FSF is trying to do
   which is entirely unclear from their web site.
   This reminds of a few years back when I wanted to point
   city officials in Berkeley to some online resource where
   they could quickly learn about software freedom and about
   available software -- and I discovered that nothing on
   the FSF web site was at all adequate to this.
   On 2022-05-11 03:46, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:

     Il 02/05/22 01:23, Thomas Lord ha scritto:

     Here, broadly, would be the technical infrastructure:

     Set up instances dedicated to the "celebrities" in one field

     of interest.  It is good to make these redundant and distributed.

     This already happens, indeed.

     An example was

     More recently I set up one such thematic instance for EU officers: . (Although

     I would probably not have bothered, if I had known of plans for the

     official instance , given

     complications: .)



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