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Re: Wikipedia extolled as an aide for getting history correct

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: Wikipedia extolled as an aide for getting history correct
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2022 23:57:35 -0300
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On Jun 16, 2022, Akira Urushibata <> wrote:

> Occasionally I take a look at the Wikipedia article on the "Linux"
> operating system.  It is constantly edited.  At times I have seen
> efforts to eradicate or minimize the role of GNU.

*nod*.  I've witnessed several such efforts, from an editor who denied
and suppressed references to blobs in Linux, even after being given hard
evidence of it, to various efforts to reject writings that referred to
GNU/Linux as such (rather than just Linux), and to remove wikipedia
entries for 100% free distros.  It's definitely not neutral ground.

> Wikipedia may have helped thwart Russian President Putin's efforts to
> rewrite history

while helping others rewrite history to their liking :-/

But then, despite all of its failings, Wikipedia, like democracy, sucks,
though they suck less than the known alternatives.

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Disinformation flourishes because many people care deeply about injustice
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