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Re: Free JavaScript alternatives

From: isf
Subject: Re: Free JavaScript alternatives
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2023 17:10:54 -0300
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El 30/12/2022 a las 23:06, jimgarrett escribió:
    Hi List,

    I'll pose my question first, and then give some back story.  I'm trying
    to get a non-profit interested in substituting Free for proprietary
    JavaScript and feel I could use more first-hand knowledge, as I am not
    a software or web developer.
      * Is it correct that JavaScript is limited only by what the browser
        allows?  Thus, JavaScript can't access memory outside the browser
        or write a file (other than a cookie) without permission, but could
        transmit information to any internet location.  Correct?
If the program is nonfree we can't realy know what type of the access have to your computing, for that reason when we run nonfree program we lose the control of ours liberty. Exist proves of nonfree programs writed in javascript who track every action of the user see it for yourself:

      * Where should I direct someone to try to find Free JavaScript
        libraries to fulfill a specific feature?  Or is this simply too
        broad a question to be useful?

As Richard Stallman say, a good website don't run programs in the computer of others, for that reason I recommend have a defense against this debility. Use LibreJS[1] and JShelter[2] are the basic's of the web browsing in freedom. There exists different ways to distribute javascript programs via browser that is good: . Anyway my recommendation is this: if your webpage can work without javascript, do it without it.


    Here's the back story.  I heard about the organization Justdiggit and
    went to their web site to donate:  [1]  Their
    privacy/cookie notice is surprisingly forward, and essentially screams
    to me "we will sell your data".  Well, points for honesty.  I
    declined.  I was using the "Abrowser" Firefox derivative on Trisquel
    and the site shows almost no content with that browser.  I visited the
    site with stock Firefox, looked up contact information, and sent an
    e-mail saying I would love to donate but I didn't want to be tracked.

    Miraculously (to my mind), one of their team sent a reply e-mail saying
    they understood my desire not to be tracked and would like to work with
    me.  I imagine that means "help me get my browser to work", not
    necessarily to re-engineer their web site.  I responded that it was in
    fact probably non-Free JavaScript that made the site fail.  I'd like to
    be prepared to speak of many horrible things that proprietary
    JavaScript could be doing, and to make a suggestion for where their web
    developers could go to find Free tools.

    This is all terribly unlikely to have any immediate impact, but it's a
    vehicle to alert some people about these issues.  Thanks in advance!

Let me recommend you this article, maybe your read it, but inside are more proves than nonfree JavaScript problems:

My brother want start a website, but his website can't be readable without running nonfree programs in javascript. Im trying to help him saying why is bad that type of website, technical problems with old computers and freedom issues, but he don't care a lot for his own freedom as I do.

In short words, is a hard battle, against the nonfree software.

    Jim Garrett



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