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Changing date of Libreplanet in 2025 and beyond

From: Jim Fulner
Subject: Changing date of Libreplanet in 2025 and beyond
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2023 17:47:52 -0500

   Fellow Workers,
   I have wanted to attend libreplanet in person for years. Last year was
   the first time I ever attended via the on-line ways to do so.
   What would be limitations to moving the dates? I personally have been
   apprehensive to traveling to New England during the winter, and this
   issue has become a larger hurdle after getting married. I would love to
   group libreplanet attedence with a family vacation, but again the
   whether, not to mention the big city with my southern Oklahoma wife and
   kids has not been well recieved
   Yours in liberation,
   Jim Fulner
   Promoting Freed Minds, Freed Markets and Free Software
   and whenever possible Free Beer
   "For as long as one of your brothers is not free, none of you are free"
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   poly-centric social media platform, or from anywhere else on
   the [3]#Fediverse. Aren't you tired of big government backed
   corporations managing your social interactions?
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