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Microsoft's revenue structure

From: Akira Urushibata
Subject: Microsoft's revenue structure
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2024 11:35:19 +0900 (JST)

I decided to take took a look at Microsoft's revenue structure.  In
the past Windows was the leading product, and by far, but it is not so
today.  In 2023 Windows accounted for only 10% of total revenue.  In
the most recent quarter, revenue from games has surpassed revenue from

Server products and cloud services is the product category generating
the most revenue.  I personally do not often encounter Microsoft
servers, especially web servers and email servers, so such a large
presence comes as a surprise.

When Windows ruled dominant, we often encountered Microsoft products
with certain enhancements that did not respect established protocols
and standards.  We often heard that the software faithful to the
standards was somehow broken.  Nowadays I hear few tales of problems
of this sort.  Maybe Microsoft has woken up to the fact that with the
limited market share they hold today, they don't get to alter
standards at will.

Maybe some list subscribers feel that now systemd has become a
source of concern.

Microsoft Revenue Breakdown - FourWeekMBA

   Server Products & Cloud Services 79.97 37.7%
   Office Products & Cloud Services 48.73 23.0%
   Windows                          21.50 10.1%
   Gaming                           15.46  7.2%
   Linkedin                         15.14  7.1%
   Search Advertising               12.20  5.7%
   Enterprise services               7.72  3.6%
   Devices                           5.52  2.6%
   Other                             5.60  2.6%

The Techrights site frequently posts articles which say that
Microsoft's accounts should not be trusted.  The above figures are
from a site for students of business administration.  I believe they
are based on reports from Microsoft.

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