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Re: patch for building fat libraries on darwin

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: patch for building fat libraries on darwin
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:51:36 +0000
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Peter O'Gorman wrote:
| Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
| |
| | Ick!  Since we never install convenience libs, wouldn't it be cleaner to
| | add
| | RANLIB_cmds to libtool?  Where darwin sets it to do nothing on fat
| | convenience
| | libraries, but run $RANLIB otherwise.  I'm quite happy for RANLIB_cmds
| | to call
| | a shell function if that helps the implementation, but be careful to
| | only drop
| | the function in libtool if it is used (i.e. $host_os ~= darwin*).
| |
| Um, ld on darwin can not use archives which have not been RANLIBed. Perhaps
| I'm just misreading your suggestion, but, I do not understand it :(.

No, it's me :-)  Please forgive my shallow understanding of fat libraries...

So you're saying ld needs a ranlibed library, but ranlib strips other arch
objects?  Okay, so why do we need to keep the other arch objects in an
uninstalled library?  Or to put it another way, do you have some scenario
where you need to keep the other arch objects in a convenience lib?  If not,
then it is fine for them to be lost at ranlib time.

I'm trying to see whether we can defer the decision to ranlib a convenience
library in lieu of keeping one copy for 'ar x' and another for 'ld'.
Presumably this happens if the lib is linked into another lib (via `ar x') and
a program (via `ld').  Maybe we don't need to ranlib fat convenience libs, and
should have darwin extract the objects in both scenarios and link those rather
than use ld (and have two copies of each convenience lib)?

I can think of at least one way to make that happen, but stop me now if I'm
barking up the wrong tree already :-)

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