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Re: [1.5.1 PATCHES] Things I would like to merge from HEAD to branch-1-5

From: Scott James Remnant
Subject: Re: [1.5.1 PATCHES] Things I would like to merge from HEAD to branch-1-5 for a libtool 1.5.1 release
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:54:56 +0000

On Thu, 2004-01-22 at 09:45, Gary V.Vaughan wrote:

> Thanks for cataloguing these patches.
> Yup, everything looks good.  Okay to commit all except this one:
*snip ltmain-exists.patch*
> How is this better than what we already have?  Without the patch we run 
> make (which I suppose might have a rule to fetch, but that is 
> a bootstrap issue, and we don't have such a rule in our Makefile) and 
> the generated libtool won't be complete.  With it, we don't even run 
> make and libtool is still doomed!  The whole block is executed in the 
> else branch of "if test -f $ltmain", so if the extra code skips running 
> make then both and are absent.  Bleh!
I think the Makefile somebody managed to get automake to generate was
calling configure which, when make was again called from inside the
configure script hadn't yet output config.status -- they ended up with
an infinite loop of make calling configure calling make calling
configure calling make....

I've never been able to replicate it with up to date tools, but it fixed
it for them.  So I'm not overly worried if this doesn't go in to 1.5.1,
I was almost toying with not including it in the list but figured I'd
stick everything in as separate patches so we could pick and choose.

> We should definitely make this diagnosis in HEAD though, because there 
> Make is no longer involved in the bootstrap, and missing both 
> and at configure time is fatal, bootstrap or no.
The new code for 1.6 doesn't have the problem, as there's no way for
infinite loops like this to occur.

Have you ever, ever felt like this?
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