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Re: libtool-1.5.2 fails when there's a ~ in CC

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: libtool-1.5.2 fails when there's a ~ in CC
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:24:38 +0000
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Peter O'Gorman wrote:
| Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
| |
| | Also, unless the function is called before the arg parse loop, we should
| | move
| | all function definitions to after the loop so that --version, --config
| etc.
| | are as responsive as possible ('cos the shell won't have to parse the
| | funcs it
| | doesn't use before echoing and exiting).  The indentation is fubared
| | though,
| | so I can't tell at a glance if such a place even exists... :-/
| Probably the point you are talking about is just before '  if test -z
| "$show_help"; then'. Indentation? You mean there is supposed to be real
| indentation in it just seems to meander in and out for no
| apparent reason.

Yeah, I know.  Migrating to a bunch of properly indented functions would give
us some chance of actually understanding the code... bleh! :-)  But you've
taken the first step already :-)  Hurray!   The rest is just a Simple Matter
of Programming.

| Anyway, applied the attached patches, did not move any function
| definitions,
| seems a little too far to go with an 'obvious' patch. The "...15.patch" was
| applied to branch-1-5, the other to HEAD.

Cool, thank you! :->

| Good night,
| Peter

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