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FYI: 88-gary-pretty-commit-notification.patch

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: FYI: 88-gary-pretty-commit-notification.patch
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:31:29 +0000 (GMT)
User-agent: mailnotify/0.1

Index: ChangeLog
from  Gary V. Vaughan  <address@hidden>

        * commit: Improve CVS/Root->name sed script to work when :ext: is
        not shown.

Index: commit
RCS file: /cvsroot/libtool/libtool/commit,v
retrieving revision 1.16
diff -u -p -u -r1.16 commit
--- commit 11 Feb 2004 12:51:02 -0000 1.16
+++ commit 11 Feb 2004 13:27:53 -0000
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ if test -n "$sendmail_to"; then
     test -f CVS/Tag &&
         echo "Branch:          `sed -e 's,^T,,;1q' CVS/Tag`"
     test -f CVS/Root &&
-        echo "Changes by:      `sed -e 's,^.*:\(.*\):.*$,\1,' CVS/Root`"
+        echo "Changes by:      `sed -e 's,^.*:*\(address@hidden):.*$,\1,' 
     echo ""
     echo "Log Message:"
     sed -e 's,^,       ,' "$log_file"

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