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Re: [PATCH] AIX 5L shared vs static library logic

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: [PATCH] AIX 5L shared vs static library logic
Date: 05 Mar 2004 17:35:17 -0300
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On Mar  4, 2004, David Edelsohn <address@hidden> wrote:

>       The appended, simple patch corrects the oversight, making AIX 5L
> behavior match AIX 4 behavior.  I would appreciate if someone would
> approve it and commit it to the libtool repository.

> 2004-03-04  David Edelsohn  <address@hidden>

>       * libtool.m4: Disable building static libraries if building shared
>       libraries on AIX 5L.

Thanks, I'm checking it into libtool CVS mainline and 1.5 branch.
Feel free to check the corresponding patch into GCC.

Alexandre Oliva   
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   address@hidden,}
Free Software Evangelist  address@hidden,}

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