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RE: [RFC] pre-c89 in libltdl

From: Howard Chu
Subject: RE: [RFC] pre-c89 in libltdl
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 03:18:41 -0800

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> Okay, so I'm on a roll :-)
> Does anybody need pre-c89 support in libltdl?  I'd like to
> start using ansi
> function prototypes, and assume that lt_ptr is alway void*.

This sounds fine to me.

> Why?  Because we can offload maintenance of a whole bunch of lowlevel
> compatibility stuff to the gnulib folks eventually if we
> accept that their
> list of supported platforms is good enough.  That in turn
> will make libltdl
> smaller and cleaner.

This sounds odd to me. I suppose there's a large number of systems out there
now that support the SVR4 dlopen() interface, and that's wonderful for them.
Having recently ported libltdl to IBM z/OS I'm wary of anything that assumes
that dlopen is universal though. I know it's now supported on recent versions
of AIX too, but having managed to cause a kernel panic the first time I used
that (way back on AIX 4.2.1) I've never trusted it, and always build for the
native AIX shared library mechanism instead.

I don't understand how being allowed to use ANSI function prototypes means
that libltdl can get smaller. ??

  -- Howard Chu
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