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Isn.t it time you refinanc.ed your mor.tgage

From: dewey
Subject: Isn.t it time you refinanc.ed your mor.tgage
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 20:00:41 -0500

She will abet my project.
R.ates can't stay low forever, wh.y wait?

We do the work for you. By your information across to hundreds of L.enders, we can ge.t you the bes.t r.ates around.
I am quite often very petulant.
I.nterest rate.s are lower than the.y have been in over 40 years, but it won't sta.y that way for long. Our simple f.orm only takes a few m.oments, there is ab.solutly NO OBL.lGATlON, and it's 100% F.REE. You have n.othing to lose, and every.thing to gai.n.

Requ.est a call from a mor.tgage pro.fessional today!

jr3s0X2lr1814n0MMWB17l5 782B349v26uM87VR68rw3Ch

To get off our, un s ubscr.11be.

She will abet my project.She will abet my project.I am quite often very petulant.She will abet my project.

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