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problem with including purify in a project using libtool on RedHat Linux

From: Rob
Subject: problem with including purify in a project using libtool on RedHat Linux 8.0
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2003 11:21:41 +0100
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ive to find memory leaks in a plugin for a big project called partysip.
to manage this ive to compile and link the whole project with a memory detection program.
i use a trial version of rational purify.

purify is involved in the project by putting "purify" in front of the call to gcc (im on RedHat Linux 8.0)
the project uses autotools, including libtool.

so i tried:

make CC="purify gcc"
make install CC="purify gcc"

this led to errors with the position of some compiler arguments but this could be fixed by writing two wrappers which put the arguments at the right place.

after that, compiling and linking works.

but when starting the finished binary i get the error:

partysip: error while loading shared libraries: libppl-0.5.5_pure_p3_c0_108272013_2418-14_32: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

this library is propably a temporary generated one of purify (libppl belongs to the partysip project).
but the binary got linked with it. after linking this one gets deleted.
the binary should be linked with

why im asking for support here, is because everything works fine with purify (tested with some helloworlds) until libtool gets involved.
ive already installed libtool 1.5.

possibly someone has experience with libtool und purify and can give me a hint how i can solve the problem

i first tried to contact rational with this problem, but they just support registered users that bought the product. searching this mailinglist for "purify" lead to 0 matches. and googling didnt solve my quite specalized problem, too.

sorry for the wrong date of my mail, its because purify just allows 15 days trial test. so i had to "work around".

best regards

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